Lighthouse on Marken Island – Focal length 24mm vs. 50mm

Which focal length should I use? The question that every photographer has already asked. In this post I show two images from the same spot but with different focal lengths.


Marken is a small island east of Amsterdam. This island is very popular tourist destinations and well known for its characteristic wooden houses. This beautiful lighthouse is on the northeast side of the island. The lighthouse is the hallmark of this island. If you search for “Marken” on the Internet you will find a lot of pictures with this lighthouse.

Thus, the challenge was accepted :)

Lighthouse on Marken Island Sunset @Vlad Stawizki
Lighthouse on Marken Island waiting for sunset @Vlad Stawizki F22 – 1/30s – ISO 250 – 24mm

Equipment and Settings

During the trip to Holland I had my new wide-angle lens from Tokina AT-X124 PRO DX II, 50mm Canon EF 1.8 / 50 II lens and of course my camera Canon EOS 600D, also a tripod from Rollei and a remote release. Total value of this equipment is about $1000 and that’s not very much. Some lenses alone cost more than that amount :)

At first I had my Tokina lens on the camera. With 12mm focal length the lighthouse was barely visible, so I turned the lens on 24mm. So even the foreground had fit in the picture and the building was clearly visible. For this shoot I had made the following settings:

  • Focal length: 24mm/50mm
  • Shutter speed: 25s
  • Aperture: f22
  • ISO: 100

I set the aperture to F22 so that I could expose longer and could make the water smooth. Then I changed the lens to 50mm without the moving tripod. I photographed with the same settings as before.

Lighthouse on Marken Island 50mm RAW
Lighthouse on Marken Island 50mm RAW


For post-processing I use Adobe Lightroom, because that’s very easy to operate, but very powerful tool. I make my pictures only in RAW-Format, so post-processing is very important step. Lightroom has a very useful feature. You can transfer the setting on other images in your set. This fits perfectly if you have several images with the same camera settings and differ only by the composition.

Lighthouse on Marken Island lightroom settings
Lighthouse on Marken Island Lightroom Settings


This is a result images in full size. All rights reserved. When using this images, please link to this post and qoute the author.


Lighthouse on Marken Island 50mm
Lighthouse on Marken Island 50mm



Lighthouse on marken Island 24mm
Lighthouse on marken Island 24mm

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